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How to send article to the magazine

If you are able and like to write articles and notes, sooner or later the thought that this skill can be useful to you will come to your mindyour mind to earn money. Today many printing and Internet editions invite to cooperation of authors, and you can also try the hand in journalism.

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Before sending article to the magazine, you have to understand accurately, what stylistics and an orientation of article are necessary to this edition. It is not enough to think up, develop and interestingly to issue any thought which will become article subject. You need to investigate this subject and to see all publications which were printed recently. The subject and an opinion stated in article is more original the is higher the probability of that it will be printed.

Choose publishing house which similar subjects interest. Contact the editor by e-mail or phone specified in the output data of the edition. Learn, whether are published in this publishing house of article, written at the initiative of the author, and whether there is at them a plan of the publication of articles of this or that subject. Take an interest in requirements to registration of texts which can differ in different publishing houses.

Having secured with a consent that your article will be adopted, read the last issues of this magazine or the newspaper. Make to yourself idea of complexity of the text, a corporate style of a statement and representation of materials. Imagine target audience of the magazine, its sex, age, interests. Be convinced that your article is suitable for this publishing house and will interest it.

Specify in edition with what of editors it is better for you to cooperate. Contact it by mail and state it idea of article, trying to attract it and to interest. Mention the experience as the copywriter if it is available, refer to the publications. Tell, what volume article and how soon you are ready to submit it to the editor. Write laconically and it is connected. The volume of the letter should not be big, is optimum – on a half of the page.

Having sent the letter, wait two-three weeks. It is enough this time for the editor if he is interested, will phone to you or to send you the answer by mail. You received nothing a fir-tree, there is a sense to call the editor and to specify, whether your letter was received. It is better to communicate with that editor to whom you wrote, it will help to come into personal contact.

In that case when article is adopted to the publication, specify the fee sum, to what term it will be published. Consult in the Union of Journalists about possibility of the conclusion of the contract. If article was rejected, you should not be upset – try to contact other publishing house and to offer it there even if it is necessary to correct slightly stylistics and volume under their requirements. Act consistently and do not agree about the publication of the same article with different publishing houses.