How to send and receive the fax

How to send and receive the fax

In spite of the fact that modern office equipment promptly develops, faxes still remain demanded worldwide. People use the fax, recognizing this way of information transfer as one of the simply and reliable. However, not everyone knows how it is correct to send and get the fax.

It is required to you

- fax;
- the working telephone line;
- A4 format paper.

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Turn on the fax. Wait until it comes to a working condition and the "stand by" mode joins. Take a sheet A4. Find a cut for paper, in the majority of devices it is in a cover, and insert paper before click. Make sure that the leaf is inserted correctly, otherwise incorrect operation of the fax is guaranteed.


Prepare necessary telephone number. Do not forget to specify a country code if ship the fax outward, and also a city code. Lift a tube and dial number.


Wait for the answer on other end of a wire. Be presented and ask to get the fax. This procedure can not be necessary if on that end of a wire the fax is switched on by default. Press the Start button on the device. The inserted sheet of paper has to spread slowly in the fax. If in the course of sending there was a breakage or a technical slip, paper will stop in the device. On the display there will be a message on a possible mistake.


If called and asked to get the fax, lift a tube. As soon as on that end of the line tell "get the fax", press the start button. Now wait. If paper left the device, the fax passed normally. Pay attention, it is not obligatory to interrupt conversation during transfer or reception of the fax at all. Moreover, if transfer was important and it is necessary to make sure that everything reached well, do not put down a reciever and expect until the fax of a host carries out reception and switches in the audiomode.