What signs in an embroidery exist?

What signs in an embroidery exist?
Many embroideries in gallery at embroideresses are not casual as were embroidered under the influence of any sign, someone wants a family, someone the car, someone the house and children, almost all symbols of this "volition" it is possible to find among motives for an embroidery. So nevertheless, what most main vyshivalny signs exist and whether they come true as the person who embroidered them would like?

Perhaps, most widespread female "hochushka" is a child. Certainly, just like that the child cannot appear, but and on this case all is provided in an embroidery. So, if you want that you and at your husband in the most blizlezhayshy future had a pink-checked child, quickly send away a dimenshensky naborchik, under the name – "Almost ideal". On the picture three angels, and on vyshivalny beliefs which, by the way, are absolutely not unreasonable are represented, these angels will bring in your children's home.

Following widespread "hochushka" is the house, own house or the apartment. For this purpose there is no certain set, it is just necessary to choose the pleasant motive of a lodge in which you would like to live and embroider it with soul – then at you everything will turn out.

For money embroider either a toad, or a monetary tree, and for health – a bamboo. Still quite well help embroidered maneki-neko – cats with the raised forward pad which attracts money and good luck.