How to receive the category on chess

How to receive the category on chess

Chess - game which history totals tens centuries. And during all the time it did not lose the importance for modern society. Chess is an alloy of science, art and sport. Many are attracted, in turn, just by a sports component of chess. It is prestigious to receive the sports category on chess, after all chess players long since admitted society clever and logical people.

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Sports classification in chess represents model of strict hierarchy. It can be presented as a chain: the international grand master, the international master, the Master of Sports of the Russian Federation, the candidate for the Master of Sports, the owner of the category (the highest category is I, the lowest - III).


For obtaining the sports category on chess, it is necessary to execute certain norms. The third category can be received, having passed "chess examination" to the trainer in a chess circle. Usually such examination consists of the solution of simple tasks (receiving material or a mat in two-three courses). It is also necessary to be able to put a mat a queen, a castle, a horse and an elephant, two elephants. Theoretical questions on an end-game (the termination of parties) and realization of overweight in it are possible.


For obtaining the category, above the third, it is necessary to participate in tournaments and to achieve in them a certain result. Besides for a victory (podium) in city tournament the II category, and for a victory in competitions of regional (regional) level - I is appropriated. For participation in tournaments it is necessary to support constantly the chess level at the high level (to work with chess literature, to train on the Internet with online opponents). But it is necessary to consider also certain specifics of chess tournaments.


On tournament it is necessary to write down a game of chess in the short chess notation therefore you have to learn to do it very quickly and that record did not prevent the game to bring process to automatism. Control of time - one more feature of games of chess on tournaments. You have to learn to think quickly (the Internet of party with the cut-down control of time and a blitz tournaments have to you help with it), but on tournament it is important to check each course several times - the destiny of party, and your category too depends on it.