How to issue the power of attorney on mail

How to issue the power of attorney on mail

The parcel or money transfer can be got by mail personally or through notarially authorized representative who will be able to put the signature for the recipient. The power of attorney is made out according to article No. 185 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation.

It is required to you

- notarial power of attorney;
- passport of the principal and authorized representative.

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If you cannot independently get parcels, money transfers, parcels post, issue the notarial power of attorney. On the basis of this document your principal will be able to make any legally significant actions, to append signatures.

For one-time receiving mailings make out the single power of attorney. On it it is possible to make one certain assignment once then the power of attorney becomes invalid.

That for you could get only postal orders, parcels, parcels post, but systematically during certain time which can be determined by you personally, but cannot exceed the term of 3 years, make out the special notarial power of attorney. This document will allow to make to your principal certain actions which you directly entrusted it during the limited period of time.

To entrust not only receiving postal orders, registered postal packets and parcels, but also you can make for you any legally significant actions if issue the general power of attorney. This document allows the authorized representative to make for you any actions, to append signatures, to make decisions within three years.

Any power of attorney is made out in notary office in a residence of the principal or authorized representative. On the basis of your address, the shown passport, after payment of the state tax the notary will make such type of the power of attorney which you will wish to issue.