How to lift circulation

How to lift circulation

Any periodic printing edition faces desire or need of increase in circulation. There is a lot of reasons: from promotion to aspiration to capture the big territory. It is possible to make it even without additional capital investments.

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Conduct research through feedback with readers. Purpose: to find out target and age audience. It is so possible to make the edition more specialized. Than less "superfluous" will be in your newspaper or the magazine, that more willingly it will be got by those who really needs information. It will increase sales level that will raise additional resources.

Reduce retail and subscription price. It will also attract bigger number of readers, so, as profit. Especially, if it happens to increase in quality of articles.

Pick up group of professionals. Their articles have to be demanded, and names have to become the quality mark and cause trust. Information which they issue, has to be actual. Remember that your edition should compete with the Internet. Add that cannot give the Internet, for example, thematic crossword puzzles which can be solved directly in the newspaper.

Reduce quantity of strips. For this purpose it will be required to reduce either quantity, or volume of materials. It will make articles more informative, without excess "water". Each reader wants to receive only the necessary information.

Reduce a newspaper format. It is more convenient to hold the edition of a small format in hand and to read. Besides, it will cut down expenses.

Reduce the price for advertizing. It will attract more advertisers that can also increase the income.

Use cheaper paper. Most of readers will not notice a difference, and you will save money.

Find cheaper printing house. The benefit, now their choice it is huge.

Use the monochrome press. Reduction of quantity of colors considerably will cut down your expenses.

On the saved money you will be able to print additional number of copies. Especially as at increase in their quantity prime cost of each number decreases.