How to sound an animated cartoon

How to sound an animated cartoon

The necessity of scoring of the animated film can be caused by several reasons. For example, you bought a disk with the animated film of foreign production with an original postscoring and wish it to sound independently in Russian, or you created the animated movie, or you wish to create a ridiculous caricature or the parody.

It is required to you

- special microphone,
- sound recording device,
- computer,
- special program.

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Character and quality of a postscoring can be a miscellaneous. Many people would like to sound the favourite animated film at home. It is the easiest way, but at the same time not the best on quality. If the animated film which already have sound tracks is sounded, they, as a rule, should be removed. Removal is carried out by means of special programs. Somewhat there is a lot of them, and they can be downloaded on the Internet at the request of "The program for removal of audiopaths" or to use usual programs editors of media files.


After removal of an audiopath with an original postscoring, separately record the voice, and then impose this path on video. The same programs editors of media files are used.


It is also possible to conduct an audio recording of the scoring in parallel with viewing of video, that is when viewing video its postscoring is at the same time conducted. This way is less preferable previous as the separate audiopath can be written down with higher quality, without hindrances and foreign sounds, and at simultaneous records and video, and audio to exclude foreign sounds and noise practically it is not possible. However such way is more convenient in respect of synchronization video and audiopaths.


In the absence of an audiopath, for example, when video does not contain a sound, in house conditions the methods designated above are used.


The optimum option of scoring of an animated cartoon giving high quality of a sound and its synchronization with video - a studio recording. It, of course, expensively but if quality is more important, take video and bear it in studio. Sign the relevant contract where you can reflect any wishes concerning quality of scoring with studio. So you receive a qualitative and professional product.