How to get rid of jealousy of the guy

How to get rid of jealousy of the guy

Many girls too are jealous the guys. Sometimes for this purpose there are bases, but most often it no more than the played imagination. Such groundless jealousy is capable to do much harm strongly to the relations. Until it occurred, try to get rid of jealousy.

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For a start understand on what the jealousy – is based on pretexts and assumptions or on quite certain facts? If with the facts everything is clear, pretexts can be interpreted doubly. Eventually, regular meetings of your guy with friends can be only meetings with friends, but not serve as cover for change.

Therefore before to make rows to jealousy, wonder, whether if you have proofs of change? If those are not present, you should not show jealousy of the guy, arranging thus a rough showdown. Eventually, to your darling can bother to justify in what he did not do. And he can think that time you are so sure of its incorrectness, let at least at you will be for this basis.


You should not go and into other extremes, that is to suffer silently. Your guy all the same will notice that something not so. And its continuous attempts to solve the reasons of your oppressed mood will hardly do good to your relations. At the worst option of development of a situation to your guy will simply bother to worry that he made not so, and he will prefer a gap.

That it did not occur, frankly tell that feel. Only without scandals and charges. Admit that are jealous. But emphasize thus that this feeling confuses you. Such informal conversation can become for you one of the most effective ways to overcome jealousy. Because most of adequate guys right there will hurry to dispel all doubts of the girlfriend voluntary.


If straight talks with the guy help to win against jealousy, but then it flashes with a new force, you should carry out a lot of work over yourself. It is not really pleasant, but it is necessary to admit to itself that the reason of jealousy is covered in your own complexes and stereotypes. It can be anything. Perhaps, you got used to consider that all guys change or too are not sure of themselves and the appeal.

Anyway, you should work over yourself as the rare guy will agree to build the relations with the girl who does not trust it and shifts to it the fears. When you manage to overcome the complexes and stereotypes, then it will turn out to cope and with jealousy.