How to sew a knitted product

How to sew a knitted product

It is possible to sew a knitted product a manual knitted seam or by car. The manual seam is carried out in several ways, depending on its arrangement: horizontally, vertically or connection knitted cross and share cloths.

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Before assembly of a product in any way of a detail it is necessary to wash and iron. It becomes for giving to symmetric details of one form and the size. In the absence of experience it is better to sweep away the connected details previously.


Horizontal knitted seams use at connection of the products connected by chulochny knitting, for example, in humeral seams. For this purpose on the end of knitting note the last row, for example, pass a contrast thread. Also some additional ranks dovyazyvatsya not to dismiss a loop at sewing together. Before connection dismiss excess ranks and details have strictly opposite to each other. The seam is executed the main thread passed throughout a needle of the corresponding thickness on the product face.


It is possible to sew a knitted product on vertical seams in two ways: "too much" a needle and a hook a column without nakid. A needle throughout which the main or other suitable thread is passed, connect from the detail face in the direction with top in a bottom serially for two lingering arches between an edging and first or last loop of details.


Also sometimes apply a hook to connection of details. In this case, details are put the face inside. From top to down between edging and following loops stretch the first loop. Then extend one more of the following row and stretch it through a loop which already is on a hook. At such way of connection the tension of a thread needs to be corrected that there was no tightening of a product.


At a vshivaniye of a sleeve of a detail have the different direction of knitting. Therefore they are connected by rules which belong to both types of a seam. Previously carry out lateral and humeral seams. An extreme front number of a sleeve which was closed by an auxiliary thread, dismiss. A needle alternately connect open loops of a sleeve and an arch between an edging and following loop of shelves to the main thread.