That the child needs to buy in school

That the child needs to buy in school

The range of school supplies is huge. That in it not to be lost, it is necessary to be defined in advance that will be required to the child in school, and to make the list of the necessary things on the eve of day of purchase.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "That the Child Needs to Buy in School" How to behave at the fire at school That need to be bought to school How to issue a portfolio of the pupil of elementary school in school first of all the portfolio is necessary for the Child. Upon purchase pay attention to quality, convenience and spaciousness of a portfolio or satchel.

Take an interest at future class teacher in advance, what uniform is worn at school. In case the form is not provided, buy the child qualitative and practical clothes in which he will look accurately and not really to differ on appearance from schoolmates in the best, for the worse.

For exercises it is necessary to buy sportswear and sneakers or gym shoes. Buy also easy and convenient replaceable footwear and a bag for it. It is expedient to acquire clothes and footwear closer by September, after all the child during the summer can strongly grow up.

Buy school notebooks on 10 pieces in a cage and in a ruler. Lines on sheets have to be accurate that sight in operating time did not strain. Writing-book sheets have to be made of a qualitative white matte paper, not too smooth and not too rough. Buy the folder for notebooks, covers for them and for textbooks.

Get the school diary, it is possible with color pictures on a cover, to the first grader to anything formulas and cards. Buy the child in school pencils color and simple, a sharpener, a set of felt-tip pens, some ball pens. That they was convenient to use, choose the handles having rubber rings at a core.

It is more convenient to child to store handles and pencils in a case. To the first grader of rather simple case in the form of the usual densely closed box. In school the child will need to buy a sketchbook, erasers, a ruler, water color paints, plasticine, and for manual training color paper, brush glue, scissors will be necessary (small, with round tips). On request of the teacher get the technical designer.

It is possible to get the inexpensive cell phone. Let it will be the most unpretentious model with the minimum set of functions, the main thing that the battery could be without recharge a long time.