How to close up gypsum cardboard seams on a ceiling

How to close up gypsum cardboard seams on a ceiling

Gypsum cardboard it is easy to mount, do of it simple and difficult designs on a ceiling. He does not create load of overlappings. A basis of drywall is plaster which at change of humidity inflates or dries, forming thin, but perfectly visible cracks in places of joints. Therefore at a repair stage carefully prepare all gipsokartonny design for the subsequent decorative registration.

It is required to you

- painting knife;
- wide brush;
- pallet;
- primer;
- hard putty;
- serpyanka.

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Embroider seams between sheets of gypsum cardboard. At installation of designs on a ceiling it is not always possible to join it those places where there is a factory facet. Therefore take a usual sharp or painting knife and remove a self-made facet, that is cut off edges of a cardboard and expand seams.

Will mark a wide brush of a place of joints. Remove cardboard agnails and dust from plaster.

Prepare a primer. Pay attention that indoors with the increased humidity you need moisture resistant impregnation. Miss the mark seams with protective soil by means of a brush. Well dry. At once wash out a brush after work in water.

Prepare mix for filling of joints between sheets of gypsum cardboard. You can use ready hard putty on a latex basis which is on sale in plastic buckets. It does not shrink and well looks on a ceiling which will be painted. And can make weight for seal of seams of usual finishing hard putty which was got for certain for repair.

Fill necessary amount of plaster finishing mix in a bucket, fill in with water and stir the construction mixer which fix on a drill. Weight reminds dense sour cream on a consistence, it should not flow down from the pallet. At ready hard putty uniform structure. Any not placed lump or a slice of old mix will spoil your work. It will leave on the plastered furrow surfaces which are difficult for removing.

Hook rather narrow pallet on a small amount of hard putty. Pressing weight into a joint between sheets, smear it along all seam.

Cut off a piece of a serpyanka which corresponds to length of a proshpaklevanny seam. Paste it in a joint place on already put fresh plaster weight. Level and iron everything the pallet. The grid has to be densely pressed into hard putty. Let's time dry to completely closed-up joints.

Fix a fine-grained emery paper in the special machine or on usual wooden whetstone. Put on a respirator and construction glasses. Oshkurte all seams. The surface has to turn out absolutely equal.

Miss the mark oshkurenny seams with a primer and dry. Now your ceiling is ready to painting or pasting by wall-paper.