How to take the credit in one day

How to take the credit in one day

The modern generation of people suffers from excessive load, lack of free time, a mad rhythm of life and many other. But that not to take away from modern people, so it is opportunities quickly to achieve many dream and to satisfy requirements if the main question consists available money. The modern system of crediting allows to obtain the credit cash within one day.

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Many people periodically have a sharp need for money which are suddenly necessary "here and now". If you urgently need money for personal needs, you can use express crediting service. Today these services are provided even by very large banks.


So, your actions:

Contact several banks and learn about credit conditions.

Different banks impose different requirements to a package of documents which need to be provided for receiving the express credit:

1 majority of banks demand the minimum set of documents which enter:

- your passport
- one more additional document proving your identity

Treat additional documents:

- copy of registration of the vehicle
- driver's license
- the registration certificate on the car
- service record
- international passport
- military ID
- insurance evidence of the state pension insurance, etc.

2 other banks can be less loyal and will demand from you:

- your passport
- the certificate of the income in 6 months
- pledge of property (real estate, car)
- the additional documents proving the identity.

The certificate of the income and pledge of property most often demand if you want to take a large sum.

Learn about everything in advance and at once bring the necessary documents. In this case such requirements will not affect the term of issuance of credit – you receive it within 1 day.


Collect a necessary package of documents and go to bank.
Council: even if the bank asks to provide only the passport, take with yourself just in case some more documents as usually the bank reserves the right to demand additional documents.


One more option, very convenient for busy persons, – to send the demand for the express credit through the specialized sites on the Internet.

- find some sites and attentively examine conditions
- if everything suits you, fill the form offered you, send and wait for the answer.

Usually the answer comes within several hours. In bank it is necessary to follow only receiving money.

Caution: if at acquaintance with conditions on the site you had any doubts, better do not leave the demand there or come on forums and study comments and opinions of other people to avoid troubles.


Having decided to take the express credit, weigh all pros and cons as the interest rate for such type of crediting is usually very high, and a repayment period rather short.