How to refill balance of other subscriber of MTS

How to refill balance of other subscriber of MTS

That the user of a network did not remain out-of-pocket on the account at the right time, the telecom operator "MTS" provides to the subscribers some numbers and services for replenishment of balance of other person.

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In the MTS company there is such service as "The mobile translation". Any subscriber can use it. To order sending means to other person, it is necessary to key phone USSD team * 112*nomer абонента*сумма# and to press a call message key. Pay attention that the sent translation can make from one ruble to three hundred. For each replenishment of foreign balance the operator will write off the commission in 7 rubles.

You can also put funds for the account of other subscriber, having bought a special payment card and having activated it. All necessary instructions are located on a reverse side of this card. You need to read only a code and to send it to the specified number.

Besides, now there are payment terminals intended for sending means. It is rather easy and simple to use them: choose telecom operator of the subscriber (in this case "MTS"), then specify number of its phone and lower the necessary sum in the terminal. Do not forget that in many points the payment for operation commission is raised (it can depend on quantity of the sent means).

The subscriber who remained without necessary means on personal account without leaving the house will be able to fill up it. It became possible thanks to the service "Confidential Payment". Its connection can be executed at any time through Mobile Assistant system. For receiving access to it call on number 111123 or send to the operator the *111*123# USSD team. It is possible to activate service and through subscription service of the company, having dialed number 1113. Number of the USSD request *111*32# is also available to any client of "MTS". The amount of the ordered payment directly depends the sum spent by the subscriber monthly. Therefore at the sum, for example, 300 rubles you will be able to refill balance no more than for 200 rubles. Service for seven days from the moment of connection works.