How to get rid of Kyla

How to get rid of Kyla

Kyla on cabbage – the real scourge of gardeners. If it strikes young plants or seedling, they have no chances and if it is brought on your cabbage to the moment when that already rather adult – very strongly weakens a plant and interferes with formation of a large head of cabbage. What to do to receive a good harvest and not to mourn untimely late shoots?

It is required to you

Potassium permanganate, lime, onions peel.

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Kyla remains in the soil therefore it is extremely important to carry out complex clarification of the infected site. If Kyla struck your cabbage, surely remove all vegetable remains from a site. Any compost pits and the more so seals to the soil! The struck vegetable remains need to be burned ruthlessly. An important condition – a crop rotation. Do not grow up cabbage on the same place of your country site some years in a row at all. Also it is impossible to alternate it to others krestotsvetny (a garden radish, turnip, a swede, a radish, etc.). It is possible to return cabbage on a former place of cultivation not earlier, than in 5 years, and at the soil which is strongly infected with Kyla – through 8.

Kyla can be transmitted through cabbage seeds therefore carry out their disinfecting before crops. It is best of all to get seeds in shop as in this case risk to receive the infected it is almost equal to zero, but also seeds from a bag can be also struck by Kyla. Disinfecting can be carried out strong solution of potassium permanganate. Tie cabbage seeds in a gauze sack and ship in solution for 3-4 hours. This method gives superficial disinfecting. To carry out more serious cleaning of seeds of causative agents of soil and seed infections, heat them in water to temperature of 50 C0 and sustain 20 minutes then lower in cold water.

Carefully reject all weakened and sick plants. If you noticed the first symptoms of a disease, without any regret get rid of the struck plant. In rassadny boxes remove the struck plants together with an earth lump, and spill the soil solution of an onions peel or potassium permanganate. If you noticed the struck cabbage on landings, also remove it immediately together with root system. The soil in this place needs to be filled up with salt or to spill the concentrated salt solution (if only plants do not grow closely to each other).