How to stuff with salad oranges?

How to stuff with salad oranges?
Do not hurry to throw out skins from orange. They can be used intelligently in the form of saucers for fruit salad.

We will need two large oranges, two plums (it is possible to take the frozen plums), peaches, grapes, bananas and a kiwi. The amount of fruit can be taken any and fruit can be changed. Put that fruit that is available in salad. Still we need honey, a lemon for gas station. Instead of honey and a lemon salad fruit can be filled quite with either yogurt, or cream. But with cream salad will be very high-calorie. For keeping to a diet, such gas station will be heavy.
We need to cut oranges in half (previously of course having washed them), to take out accurately all pulp from halves orange. And in the turned-out orange "saucers" we will put ours salatik.
Bananas the peach segments, cream segments is cut by ringlets. We cut grapes, if it large. In general, fruit for fruit salads is cut so-so or large slices. Small they are not cut because fruit then will quickly start up juice.
All cut ingredients it is mixed in a bowl. We fill with gas station from yogurt, or from cream. Or we mix honey (two spoons) with lemon half juice. We water our salad, we stir it.
Now we fill halves orange with salad.
The dish looks originally and appetizingly!