How to grow up a Chinese cabbage

How to grow up a Chinese cabbage

It is possible to call a Chinese cabbage safely a vegetable, new to our country, which is available on sale. On the nutritional value it does not concede to a usual white cabbage at all, and it is possible even to tell surpasses in the useful and medicinal properties. Possibly to grow up a Chinese cabbage and on own site.

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Before planting a Chinese cabbage, it is necessary to grow up seedling. Germination of seeds happens quickly enough, cotyledons start revealing in four days (at a temperature of 20 degrees). The Chinese cabbage is very sensitive to frosts, but also does not transfer a strong heat under the influence of which the tsvetonosny stalk is formed. Optimum temperaturya for cultivation of this vegetable – +15-20 degrees, constant humidity is necessary.

Pave the way. As the best predecessors are considered pumpkin, bean, potatoes, tomatoes, grain and onions. To receive an early crop, choose a site with the easy soil, it will quickly get warm in the spring. When the earth thaws (in April), bring ashes on the bed filled since fall with humus and prorykhlit.

The seedling for jumping has to have three-four well developed leaflets and to be age two-three weeks. The distance between seedling has to make 20-30 centimeters, between ranks – 45 centimeters. Feature of a Chinese cabbage is considered tendency to a disease of mucous and vascular bacterioses, especially at damage of root system. Therefore direct crops of seeds in soil under film shelter are welcomed.

Leaving consists weeds and maintenance of the soil in a friable state at a distance, watering thus has to be moderate. Feed up a Chinese cabbage only once for the entire period of growth by a nettle (as soon as the nettle a little grows up, break it and use in the form of top dressing).

The Chinese cabbage is early culture, at cultivation of a sheet grade in an open ground form the socket in 40 days, headed – in 60-70 days. In process of growth and a smykaniye of leaves, cut off every second plant for the daily use and preparation of useful salads.

Whatever you chose a way of cultivation of a Chinese cabbage – rassadny or sowing, do not wait for final formation of a head of cabbage, emergence of tsvetonos and the beginning of a strelkovaniye of a plant. Cut off heads of cabbage until the end of June (25-30 numbers).