Where on the planet most of all sharks?

Where on the planet most of all sharks?
According to scientists, today in the world about 500 species of sharks are. It is interesting that the majority of them do not constitute danger to the person.

Meanwhile, some types (for example, a white shark or a shark cannibal, fish hammer) behave quite aggressively in relation to the person and quite often attack people even on beaches.

For bathing it is considered one of the most dangerous places the coast of Australia. On the second place – fine beaches of Florida which attract not only surfers, but also sea predators.

Tiger sharks attack people extremely seldom, however on the Hawaiian Islands more than 100 cases of a meeting of people with sharks were recorded. It is considered that tiger sharks confuse tourists to sea turtles on whom, as a matter of fact, they also hunt.

Superiority keeps the Brazilian Recife beach using at vacationers ill fame in waters of South America.

Meanwhile, the probability of that will attack the person a shark, much less probability to be the struck lightning stroke during a strong thunder-storm.