How to put the central lock

How to put the central lock

The central lock in the car can independently work or together with security system. In the first case, it will be necessary to close a key only a driver's door, the others will be automatically closed. During the work together with the alarm system door locks will be closed at statement of the car on protection.

It is required to you

Set of the central lock
Door percussion caps
Insulating tape

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If avtomomobil it is not equipped with the central lock, it can be established in addition.


Remove a covering from all doors.


Install in them electric drives. To a set of the central lock there is a draft with the bond, which podsoyedinyatesya to regular door draft of the car. The drive prisverlivatsya accurately to the acting metal part of a door.


Wires from locks are stretched to the block of the central lock. It is better to place the block under the dashboard in an inaccessible place.


Put coverings of doors into place by means of regular percussion caps.


Wires from the block are connected to conducting of the car. The black wire (minus) is connected to weight, red (plus) to + 12V.


The central lock can be connected to the alarm system. Then at statement or removal of the car from protection by the alarm system panel, door locks will be automatically closed or open. For this purpose it is necessary to connect the wires going from the block of the central lock on the block of the safety locks which are in a cowl.


In some cars the central lock of factory installation, it works from a charm. In this case it is possible to connect the lock to the alarm system and to make step-by-step removal / statement of the car on protection. At first it will be necessary to remove/park the car in protection by the panel from the alarm system, then to open/close door locks the panel from the central lock.