How to increase sales in grocery shop

How to increase sales in grocery shop

Problem how to increase sales in grocery shop, it is possible to solve easily if to spread out it to smaller tasks. First, organize the advertizing campaign directed on already existing and new audience. Secondly, carry out the stimulating action to hold regular customers and to increase loyalty to an outlet. Thirdly, enter into the range new products and the popular untwisted brands for involvement of buyers.

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To increase sales in grocery shop, organize an advertizing campaign. At first define, on what audience it will be directed. Best of all actions which cover also regular and new customers work. Advertize cards on a discount for the buyers who for the first time came to shop. And bonuses for acquisition of goods for those who shopped in other place earlier. For regular customers enter motivational system. Make gifts by every tenth, twentieth or thirtieth check. To limit number of unprofitable visitors, enter the minimum sum for participation in an action. For example, three hundred or five hundred rubles.


Walk on the next outlets and study the range of products. Under the guise of the buyer take an interest, what goods are better bought up. Agree with suppliers about a supply of missing names. So you will attract the consumers interested in some certain brand. Inflow of new buyers will accelerate sale and other production presented in shop.


Try that on shelves of shop all popular trademarks were presented. The more often the goods are advertized in mass media, the more buyers will become interested in it. Watch the competitions held by food companies. During their carrying out sale of promotional brands increase several times.


In time clean overdue goods from shelves. If shop small, and only inhabitants of the neighboring houses go to it, the spoiled production can make ill fame. The hearing about deception of buyers will very quickly fly about all area. And clients will shop in other shop. Therefore in any conflict situation take away delay and return back money.


The competent arrangement of shelves with goods will help to increase sales in self-service shop. Motivate buyers to take carts. For this purpose place heavy products - vegetables, sparkling water, juice - near an entrance. Clients will surely take a basket on wheels not to carry weight in hands. Researches of marketing specialists show that buyers with carts get products on twenty five - thirty percent more, than without.