What is the computer diagnostics

What is the computer diagnostics

Modern scientific achievements are widely used in researches of a human body. One of such achievements was the theory of a bioresonance. On a joint of opening of bio-energetics of the person and computer technologies there was medical computer diagnostics.

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The theory of a bioresonance is based that – a cage, a joint, body - a certain range of frequency fluctuations is inherent in each structural unit of a human body. Even the microbe, a virus, helminth or a fungus resound in own way, in the range from shares to ten thousand of Hz. Pathological processes in bodies of the sick person significantly change a range of frequencies, there are disharmonious fluctuations.

Special devices catch and write down fluctuations from all bodies of the patient. Further values of the fluctuations proceeding from bodies of the sick person are compared to the reference value which is in memory of the computer. The size of a deviation of fluctuations of sick bodies from norm is estimated. The reasons of such deviations are analyzed, the diagnosis of a disease is made.

And computer diagnostics of an organism allows to reveal an illness in the germ when still nothing disturbs the person. Prevention and timely treatment of an illness when using a method of computer diagnosis of diseases gives chance of a favorable outcome. Accuracy of establishment of the diagnosis at medical computer diagnostics makes about 97% while the ordinary doctor makes exact diagnoses only in 50% of cases.

The huge information computer base wins in comparison with limited memory of the doctor. Therefore reliability of computer diagnostics of an organism above traditional diagnostics.

Computer diagnosing

Computer diagnosis of diseases is carried out by means of the earphones which are put on the patient which are connected to the medical equipment. This procedure is absolutely harmless, patients are not exposed to any harmful effects from the outside. Therefore medical computer diagnostics can be recommended even to children and pregnant women.

Computer diagnosis of diseases lasts 20 minutes. During this time the full picture of a condition of all bodies of the patient appears. To it the conclusion of the doctor is issued, recipes are written out, advice on a healthy lifestyle is given. And also graphic color representation of results of computer diagnostics of an organism. After the corresponding course of treatment repeated diagnostics is necessary.

Advantages of computer diagnostics:

- saving of time of the patient;
- possibility of inspection of pregnant women and children;
- detection of microbic, viral, parasitic and fungal infections;
- obtaining full information on a state of health in a preclinical stage;
- definition of relationships of cause and effect of pathological processes;
- delivery on hands of a graphic representation of results of computer diagnosis of diseases, the patient can control changes of the state itself.