How to establish protivotumanka on the Guelder-rose

How to establish protivotumanka on the Guelder-rose

Lada Kalina is one of the most bought models of the Russian automotive industry. In the basic complete set it has no the established fog lamps therefore many motorists reflect on their independent installation.

It is required to you

spray paint, headlights, the inclusion button, sockets under lamps, the relay, an emery paper

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Solve, what fog lights you will establish further on the car. Now in the market there was a large number of these devices of various producers. Get directly headlights, the inclusion button, sockets under lamps, the relay and a set of conducting for connection of these headlights. At desire buy a spray paint to paint the case of headlights color of a body of the car.

Install the relay in a regular place in the block of safety locks and the relay. From the 87th contact of the relay lay a wire to fog lights with the built-in safety lock. To the 86th socket "weight" comes. Connect a wire from the battery to 31 clips, and to 85 – the managing director who has an inclusion button from the gray wire which is responsible for inclusion of a passing beam of headlights. If you are connected to a black-and-white wire, inclusion of fog lights will happen together with marker lights.

After that be engaged in painting of a framework. For this purpose by means of an emery paper make a surface opaque. Carefully degrease it and put two layers of a primer. After drying of soil execute painting which also means itself some layers with the subsequent drying. For fixing of result varnish a surface.

Turn wheels as much as possible in the party necessary to you or at all remove them. After that disconnect the flap and take a cap from a bumper. Establish a fog light from within and fix by means of self-tapping screws, further connect the electric socket to a lamp. Establish a svezheokrashenny frame, then the flap and wheels. Surely check operability of the installed illuminants and adjust them. It can be made independently, or in the service centers.