How to reduce a fatty layer

How to reduce a fatty layer

Ability of a human body to accumulate fat – an evolution gift which, unfortunately, many people did not learn to use. The inactive way of life and unsystematic food made fat the sworn enemy of mankind.

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Find balance between heat and cold in the life. When your body freezes, the organism naturally isolates it by means of fat. Reduce quantity of cold food and drinks. Warm them to room temperature or add to dishes the warming spices – pepper, a turmeric, ginger and cinnamon.


Increase amounts of heat promoting a fat rastopleniye. Visit of a bath, sauna and regular physical exercises will help. Grindings and massage work in the similar way.


Purposefully it is possible to influence problem sites by means of the following mask: mix with water to a sour cream consistence 100 grams of blue clay, 5 drops of orange oil and 3 tablespoons of ground cinnamon. Apply a mask on a body and wrap up a film. Best of all the mask works in heat – therefore it is possible to put on in addition warm panty hoses and to be wrapped up with a blanket. It is necessary to hold such mask 40 minutes and to repeat once in three days. If skin at you sensitive, a mask can cause small burning.


Use the products helping to burn fat. Grapefruits, green tea, low-fat dairy products, food of moderate sharpness, pineapples concern to them. Use warm liquids – herbal teas or mix of warm water with a lemon, honey and a pinch of ground black pepper is even better. Such mix works as the real burner of fat.


Avoid the products promoting fat formation – beef, pork, butter, cheese, sour cream, ice cream, products from wheat, sugar, alcohol, fried food and instant food. Be not fond of also too sour or salty food.


Drink more liquid – at least 1,5 pure liters a day. At a lack of liquid processes of a metabolism in an organism are slowed down. The lack of water can also cause weakness and dizziness.


Eat systemically. Try not to pass lunches and breakfasts and to eat food at the same time. Plan the day in advance – that when and in what quantity you eat. Remember that for normal work the organism needs on average 1700 calories per day. Such system will help you not to overeat and at the same time not to starve to death.


Stop dreaming of "forbidden" food. It is proved, what even imaginations on harmful products are capable to increase amount of fat in an organism.