How to mold dolls from clay

How to mold dolls from clay

The molding from clay – difficult, but interesting hobby, at due diligence and patience it will not only give you joy of creation, but also will be able to bring in the quite good income. Try to mold dolls from clay to check themselves and to please the relatives.

It is required to you

- polymeric clay;
- stomatologic tools: tweezers, pallet, shtopfer-gladilka, kyureta, scalar, scalpel, etc.
- oven.

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Pick up good stuff. Consider, for such tiny molding Fimo is suitable only polymeric clay of good firm, for example, of pappen. Besides, buy tools, it is best of all to choose stomatologic, for thin also mouldings are sharp.

Start molding a trunk of the baby (it has to be approximately twice more than the head), for this purpose stick together an oval, is slightly thicker to buttocks. Then stick together a sausage for hips, cut it in half (not up to the end) and stick at an angle to a trunk. Accurately smooth a junction and a scalpel create buttocks. At you preparation turned out: trunk and hips.

To make a shin and a foot, again roll a sausage (is thinner, than hips) and cut it in half. Bend each half at an angle 90? also cut off one half to receive a foot. Rasplusnite and accurately round off this party, make one leg right, and another left. A scalpel cut fingers, then smooth each of them so that it became roundish. In a foot make a dimple to add similarity. Apply ready legs to knees and smooth down a junction.

In the same way, as well as legs, stick together handles. The difference is only that they can be molded not from two parts, and from one sausage, having simply bent it in an elbow. Mold fingers separately or squeeze the handle of the kid in a cam, depending on your desire.

Start a head molding. For this purpose roll a sphere twice smaller, than a trunk, and get it on a stick for convenience of a molding. At first note the line of eyes, approximately in the middle of the head. Then take a small slice of clay and stick it on a nose place. On a place of a mouth make a dimple. Shade everything so that the face became a whole.

To the place of cheeks stick two round slices of clay, remember that babies have round cheeks. Roll a thin strip and place it over eyes, it will be nadbrovny arches. Accurately shade and smooth the person.

Stick two small balls in eyes, eyes have to be slightly convex. Take a ball more and create lips, be not frightened if first they are too convex. Skaler move away all superfluous, as a result the face of the baby will become similar to the present.

Add the head with small ears, create cheekbones and fit it to a trunk by means of a neck.

When you are happy with the received result, place a doll from clay in an oven and bake according to the instruction.