How to prepare light vegetable salad with nutlets?

How to prepare light vegetable salad with nutlets?
Very useful salatik, especially for those who tries to support weight in norm and not to overeat. Salatik not only useful, but also very harmonious on a combination of products.

That is required for preparation

Mikst from lettuce leaves
One apple
One large carrot
Handful of kernels of a walnut
Two tablespoons of oil of a walnut or any vegetable oil
Tablespoon of wine vinegar
Teaspoon of prepared mustard
Salt and black ground pepper to taste


Peel apples of a peel and seeds, cut segments. Grate carrot on a large grater. Wash up lettuce leaves under flowing water, remove all faded parts. Slightly dry nuts in an oven or on a dry frying pan and a knife chop large slices. It is possible to crush in a blendra, but not to a condition of a small crumb.

Tear lettuce leaves hands, lay on a salad bowl bottom.
For gas station mix vinegar and vegetable oil, slightly shake up a nimbus. Add mustard, salt and black ground pepper, once again shake up. Pour dressing over lettuce leaves. From above lay mix from carrot and apples, pour the remained dressing and nutlets.
Bon appetit!