How to force the husband to divorce from you

How to force the husband to divorce from you

Sometimes, that the relations reach a deadlock. There is no former passion, romanticism left, quarrels became frequent. It would seem, the most right decision – to leave once and for all, having left all offenses in the past. But how to be if the husband does not wish to hear about parting and believes what all by itself is formed?

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Try to understand that holds the husband near you. Possibly, he does not want to leave the adjusted life or he is disturbed by the possible section of property. Similar questions can be settled in the course of negotiations, without putting forward sharp ultimatums. The main thing - to let to the husband know that you are not going to gather it, and to make a lunch he will manage also.

If the man is attached to you, but not to your material values, hot belief that for you the relations became intolerable will not take effect. For you daily quarrels – a serious stress, and in a family of his parents they were norm of life. And he sincerely does not understand, why to get divorced. After all all so live – row and are reconciled.

Explain to the man problem scale. Refuse epithets "awfully", "badly", do not shift fault for dissonance only to it. Operate with the facts. Tell that at you because of experiences sleeplessness developed. That you cannot concentrate at work and not in forces make to the child a lunch. He has to understand that the difficult relations really exhausted you that you do not exaggerate.

How it was difficult, try to keep calm. Let the man know that you are not going to be at war with him, but it is better to leave now, for the present there are chances to remain friends. Give examples of your acquaintances which after divorce kept the fine relations and found new families.

Talk did not work? In that case there was the last and strongest argument – collect things and leave. It is possible to get over to the girlfriend or to live at mother. But remember that back the road will not be. The leaving you put a resolute end in the relations, ignoring opinion of the husband. He simply should reconcile with your decision.

Whatever desired was divorce, to endure it not easy - and to you, and the husband. Do not throw reproaches into a back of the person who once was dear to you. Wish it success in hard business of search of family happiness.