How to include readdressing in Beeline

How to include readdressing in Beeline

Readdressing in Beeline is the service allowing to redirect the entering calls from one number on any other: mobile number of any operator, stationary, including international or long-distance. This service will be very useful to all who is afraid to miss important calls. If your phone sat down or you left it at home – can connect readdressing of calls to Beeline more about anything not to worry. It is possible to make it in several ways.

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You can connect readdressing service, as well as other services provided Beeline on the site There you will need to enter login and the password. Login – number of your phone in Beeline, without long-distance code (without 8). The password – or you are already registered in this system and know the password. Or it will be sent you by a sms. This way can not approach, if phone readdressing with which is required to you. Now la you is inaccessible.


Other way – to call in a support service of Beeline and to connect service in phone. Number of the center of support: (495) 974-8888. There the operator will ask you passport data, and also data on a registration precisely to identify your personality. This way approaches if you forgot phone or it was discharged so you cannot connect service independently directly from it.


It is possible to connect readdressing by means of inquiry *110*031# [call].


One more way of independent connection of readdressing – a call on special number: 06709031 [call]


To adjust readdressing, you can use special sequences. To include readdressing of all calls arriving on number type ** 21 * [number of your phone] # [call]. To cancel this team, gather ##21# [call].


In case readdressing only is required when your number is occupied to include service, it is necessary to dial ** 67 * [phone number] # [call]. For shutdown of this readdressing gather ##67# [call]. Readdressing of calls, so far your phone it is switched off: ** 62 * [number of your phone] # [call]. Shutdown of this option: ##62# [call].


Readdressing in Beeline only is very convenient when you do not answer the entering call. And it is possible to adjust time after which expectation the call will be redirected. The interval of 30 seconds is by default established. Admissible intervals: 5,10,15,20,25,30 seconds. To include service, gather ** 61 * [your phone number] ** [a waiting time before readdressing] # [call], and for shutdown ##61# [call].


To cancel all readdressings which are adjusted on your number gather ##002# [call].