How to spin from balloons

How to spin from balloons

Balloons – excellent material for dressing. Designs from them look quite presentably and effectively. It is possible to pick up for registration of a holiday any colors and to give to garlands the various forms.

It is required to you

- balloons;
- scaffold;
- rope;
- polyethylene film.

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Spheres, being electrified, attract to themselves various garbage that shortens the term of their "life". Therefore where you will spin a garland, blow the compressor a floor and lay a polyethylene film. If length of a garland is more than six meters, and it will fasten on two points, lay it a rope, attaching spheres on it. Without rope the scaffold will stretch, the distance between spheres will increase, and the garland will become useless.

Cut off a scaffold three meters longer than future garland. Tie one end to any strongly fixed subject, having left half-meter free. Pull a scaffold and tie the second end to other subject, for example, to the door handle. The garland axis turned out.

Inflate a sphere. Clamp two fingers a tail. Do the same with the second sphere. Apply tails of spheres so that they were crossed and wrap up the termination of one sphere round another. Tie them. Make one more such two of spheres. Lay one sheaf over another cross-wise and overwind.

To put on the turned-out sheaf from four spheres a thread, part two spheres and bring them to the beginning of an axis. When spheres are established on the right place, trade two times places spheres through which the scaffold lay to prevent a sheaf from slipping.

Now string the following four on a scaffold and densely combine with the first. Notice that the sheaf has to be reliably fixed on the place as its advance on a scaffold will damage sphere material. When spheres are in the correct situation, they can be turned, having created effect of a spiral. Try that spheres in the course of weaving did not concern a floor. Remember that the garland will hang the more long, than spheres will be softer.