How to fill in the inventory of an investment

How to fill in the inventory of an investment

You can send any mailing with the enclosed inventory of contents. It will allow to avoid disputes and disagreements with mail and the recipient concerning existence or lack of the specified things or documents. For example, on objections of your opponent in court and the statement that he did not receive claim requirements but only clean sheets of paper in an envelope, you will be able to show the inventory and to confirm justice of your statements.

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For registration of the inventory you should receive first of all the post form of the established form (f. 107). It can be taken from the operator of post office or to download from the official site of Mail of the Russian Federation to the address specified at the end of article. Some services on the Internet offer users opportunity to fill a form directly on the site and to print out the inventory, already ready for an investment.


Having received the form, start its filling, following the instructions placed at the beginning of lines. The introductory part of the document begins with the indication of the name of departure. It can be the registered letter, a parcel post or a parcel. Further write a surname, a name, the addressee's middle name (for natural persons) or the name of the enterprise (for legal). Specify the full postal address of the recipient in the next line.


The main part of the form is presented by a convenient tabular form. Here list all investments which the addressee has to receive. Specify for them serial number, the name of documents or subjects, quantity (pieces, pages or copies). In the column of the declared value it is necessary to report the cost of each thing in rubles. Put a crossed out section if send the subjects (or documents) which are not subject to an assessment. At the end to the table specify total of the enclosed subjects and their total value.


In final part of the form undersign for the column which is taken away for the signature of the sender. Now it is possible to transfer a parcel to the operator of post office, together with forms of the inventory, for check of compliance of the list of investments to contents of departure and correctness of filling of a form 107. The remained line the post worker will fill with own hand (a position and the signature) and will set the seal.