How to divide the nursery and a bedroom

How to divide the nursery and a bedroom

Rather often one room combines function of two, for example, a bedroom and the nursery. The measure is rather compelled, than necessary. In interior design there are methods of division of one concrete placement on zones long ago.

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One of such receptions – partitions. They can be the most different: hollow (deafs), low (not reaching a ceiling), transparent (from a glass block), with a door and without it, on a fabric basis. Partitions veils are very convenient for the visual section of the room. They happen a different look – full and incomplete, can hang in continuous situation or be removed, "reveal" and rise, by an example of blinds. Such partitions at desire are established at the different levels, both from a floor, and from a ceiling.


Trellised partitions can be the interesting solution of division of the room. Made usually of a tree, they bear also esthetic loading. Cells of such partition can be filled with the blossoming plants and other elements of a decor. Partitions from glass blocks are used recently not only for registration of an interior of office, but also for the house. They conditionally share on two categories: stationary and mobile. For them serve as material: glass, tree, aluminum or corrosion-proof profile. The main advantages of such partition – environmental friendliness, durability, soundproofing.


In the small-sized room installation of sliding doors accordions will become the rational decision. They are convenient, allow to save space of living space, can be used as sliding partitions that is undoubted plus in the general design of the room.


One more original, constructive proposal for the section of the room – a decorative screen or a screen screen. Serve as material for its production: tree, rice paper, straws, rattan, fabric. Plus such partition in its mobility.


Zones of a bedroom and the nursery can be issued in different color scale is promotes their visual office from each other. Change of level of a floor (lowering or an eminence on some centimeters in one of zones) it is also possible "to differentiate" the nursery from a bedroom. At last, cabinet furniture can serve as "border" between two zones.