How to register limited liability partnership in Kazakhstan

How to register limited liability partnership in Kazakhstan

Registration of limited liability partnership is the legal procedure fixed by the legislation of Kazakhstan as a result of which the commercial organization as independent unit is created. To register limited liability partnership, it is necessary to collect a number of obligatory documents and to pay the state collecting.

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Create the foundation agreemtn on the basis of which the application will be submitted for the state registration. The document consists in writing and contains signatures of all founders or authorized representatives then it is certified notarially. Features of the status of certain participants are specified in the text of the contract.

Make the charter of limited liability partnership which defines legal status of association as the legal entity. This document can be executed independently or on the basis of the Standard Charter of limited liability partnership which is regulated by item 6 of Art. 17 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 220-1 of April 22, 1998 "About associations with limited and additional liability". The charter consists from: a trade name, the location and the address, the list of participants, data on authorized capital, conditions of reorganization and termination of activity, an order of distribution of net income and other provisions which legislations of Kazakhstan do not contradict.

Determine the size of authorized capital. It is formed their sums of deposits of founders. Thus the authorized capital cannot be less, than 100 sizes of the monthly settlement indicator operating for date of registration of association. The contribution can be both in a monetary form, and in the form of securities, property or the right of land use.

Write the application on registration of limited liability partnership in Kazakhstan. For this purpose address to the tax inspection and receive the application form. Fill in the document, having specified authorized and constituent data on association. Pay charge for the state registration of legal entity. Provide all package of documents in the tax inspection for registration.

Use services of the skilled lawyer or specialized firm in registration of the enterprises in Kazakhstan. The matter is that procedure of registration of limited liability partnership does not take a lot of time, but demands certain legal and accounting skills, especially at a choice of the mode of the taxation, opening of the settlement account and creation of the press.