How to see the 25th shot

How to see the 25th shot

The legend of the twenty fifth shot conducts the origin since 1957. Then James Vaykeri declared that tested in somebody provincial movie theater a new method of the embedded advertizing influencing subconsciousness. In a year numerous checks found out that there was neither miracle method, nor test at movie theater about which Vaykeri spoke. In a year the pioneer disappeared, having taken with himself a large sum of the money allocated for application of its method, and in 1962, having appeared again, admitted that invented "effect of the 25th shot" since the beginning and up to the end. However the legend was hardy and prospers still.

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Frames of the movie merge for us in the continuous movement because of the speed of reaction of a retina: at the moment when on the screen there is the following image, all of us still see previous, and they are imposed for us at each other. But because of the same phenomenon the "plug-in" shot will be swept distinctly up — you will see it imposed on one-two following frames. Therefore if at movie theater you caught that over the image strange pictures or inscriptions flash, know that against you try to apply mysterious "the 25th shot".


Despite the slowed-down reaction of a retina, a human eye it is incredibly sensitive — it is capable to catch even separate photons (light quanta). Therefore the plug-in image can be seen even in case the frequency of change of shots is much higher, than twenty four or twenty five in a second.


Frequency of updating of the screen of the typical computer or TV makes from 50 to 100 hertz, that is a development beam (or the signal creating a point on the liquid crystal display), passes through all pixels of the screen and comes back to a starting point of 75-100 times a second. It would seem, at such speed it is possible to insert some hidden shots into the movie or transfer.
However here the role of a retina of an eye is played by a matrix of the screen. Its pixels continue to shine still some time after the beam or a signal left from them. Therefore and on the screen any "the hidden image" will be noticeable rather distinctly.


But even if you for some reason passed the twenty fifth shot, without having realized it, there is the same the same nothing to be afraid. It will affect your behavior at all no more, than all other frames of that movie which you watched.
The main idea of a method of the twenty fifth shot — Vaykeri's word that the subliminalny message (too short that to realize it) passes conscious perception and goes straight to subconsciousness. Actually that long ago biologists and psychologists know, any information from the outside passes in the beginning subconscious processing, and only then that passed through these filters, is transferred to consciousness. There is no sense to do the hidden message so short.


Thus, the twenty fifth shot from the point of view of subconsciousness — the same picture, as well as all other. It does not possess any hidden magic force, and it is very easy to notice and distinguish its use.