How to catch a nelma

How to catch a nelma

The nelma (Stenodus leucichthys nelma) is fish of group lososeobrazny, families sigovy, subspecies of a white salmon. She is the largest representative sigovy, reaches weight to 50 kg and length to 1,5 m. Meat of a nelma differs in high tastes. Perhaps, it is one of the best fishes of Russia. But how to catch it? It is not so difficult to make it, it is enough to study its habits and to choose the correct time for fishing.

It is required to you

- fishing equipment;
- fishing tackles.

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Nelma - fresh-water fish semi-through passage. It is widespread in the rivers of the basin of the Arctic Ocean. Its concentration in the large rivers - Irtysh, Ob, Lena and Yenisei is highest. Generally the nelma lives in deltas and mouths of the Siberian rivers. And to spawning places which are located in the top and average current, this fish starts rising right after an ice drift (June-July). Approximately in two 1,5-2 month (in August and September) it reaches the southern Areas of Siberia and comes into numerous rivulets and the rivers. But for spawning fish chooses not each river.

Having entered the river, the nelma goes on the course, keeping is closer to a bottom. At further advance fish often rises in the most top sheets of water. And rifts and small places it avoids.

Rising to places of spawning areas, the nelma destroys a large number of small fishes. Its feeding is similar to feeding of a zherekh. She to hunt for small fish very vigorously - rushes into pack and suppresses the small fish a tail, and then collects the become puzzled production.

Will choose a fishing dock. It is best of all to catch in the territory of the main bed of the rivers, having settled down in the bottleneck. Here the current quicker and depth can be more than 2 meters. Catch a nelma not in a water stream, and in that party where the current is a little weaker. Also this fish can be met in whirlpools. There she tries to adhere to border of a bank and depth.

For catching of a nelma use big uzkotely kolebalka and revolving objects. It is better if they are silvery color, under color of whitebaits of a ryapushka or smelts with whom the nelma got used to be fed. Also spinners of various sizes and flowers will approach. Good results are yielded by fishing on the live bait - a little small fish. Consider, the nelma is careful and timid. Therefore any sharp movement can frighten off it easily.

Open a season of hunting for a nelma how ice will descend from the rivers. But from the beginning of spawning, catching of fish comes to an end. And again begins only in October.

Catch this fish, as well as an ide, on average and the top horizon of water at the surface or at a depth up to two meters from a surface. After all during feeding the nelma is in top and the center of water.

Keep in mind, evening catching is often worse than the morning. And capture of a nelma in general is improbable at night. Sometimes it comes across also in the afternoon, but it happens in cloudy and silent days.

Consider that protective actions of a nelma are very strong and she resists very vigorously. But quickly exhausts, having made some sharp throws. Then fish lays down sideways and quietly allows to take away herself podsacheky.