How to answer SMS

How to answer SMS

Transfer and receiving Sms – one of the most popular opportunities of cell phones. Any telecom operator has a database of a cellular network thanks to which transmission of messages between subscribers is carried out. The main base of a cellular network contains information of a subscription profile of the mobile phone and also information on the direction for the subscriber, that is, about where the mobile phone settles down now. GMSC-the mobile center is able to transfer the message to the correct subscriber.

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When receiving the Sms, first of all it, it is necessary to read, having pressed the button readings on the keyboard of the cell phone or on the display if the cell phone is touch.
It is possible to answer the Sms as right after obtaining the message, having pressed the answer button, and in any other time.


To answer the Sms from other cell phone it is necessary:
To enter the menu of the cell phone.


To find in the menu point - "Messages"


To find the point "create the message" in messages and to write the text of the message. And then to send this message, having written phone number of the addressee or having chosen number from the list in the telephone book.


It is also possible to come into the Entering Messages point, to find the received message and to select the answer item, and then to type the text of the response message and to press the send button.


If the Sms was sent not from the cell phone, from the Internet, it is possible to answer it, having sent the electronic message, through e-mail, using the Internet in the cell phone.