Than peas are useful?

Than peas are useful?
You sometime heard about useful properties of peas? If is not present, then follow us …

The handful properly of the peas soaked in water eaten every day this process completely will relieve you of heartburn.
By means of green peas it is possible to get rid of stones in kidneys: eat peas in the raw, it promotes transformation of stones into sand which leaves much more simply and more without serious consequences.
Do a nutritious face pack of peas:
1 tablespoon of the peas crushed in a flour mixes up with 1 teaspoon of a chicken yolk and 1 teaspoon of any vegetable (olive) oil or are swept away.
The mask is put on a face and a neck, and then, in 20-30 minutes after drawing is washed away by warm water.
Good luck!