Why Zhanna Friske will not conduct Vacation in Mexico

Why Zhanna Friske will not conduct Vacation in Mexico

The popular singer, the actress and the TV host Zhanna Friske left the scandalous project of the MTV "Vacation in Mexico" channel which kept. Refusal to prolong the contract caused at once genuine interest of mass media and heated discussion among admirers Frisk.

The sponsor of placement P&G About what the Vacation in Mexico project How to survive in road accident As passed Articles on the subject "Why Zhanna Friske Will Not Conduct " Vacation in Mexico "" Mark Zuckerberg's wedding the Whole year Zhanna Friske was the hostess of a country house in the reality show MTV "Vacation in Mexico" where eleven participants conduct uncompromising struggle for a place in the sun. According to messages of mass media, the management of the channel was enough work of Zhanna. Having own experience of participation in the reality show "Last Hero", "Heart of Africa" and the teleprojects "Circus with Stars", "Ice Age 2", she with ease found a common language with young participants of the Vacation in Mexico program and kept the conflicts which are breaking out between them under control.

Hearings leaked out into mass media that refusal to prolong very favorable contract is connected with pregnancy of the singer further. Zhanna Friske was born in 1974, within six years from 1997 to 2003 was the soloist of popular group "Blestyashchiye", then began solo career.

Due to the leaving Frisk from the MTV project friends of the singer reported that she long hid the relations with the TV host Dmitry Shepelev who is called the father of the alleged child.

Zhanna did not deny and did not confirm hearings about pregnancy, but on a red carpet 34 Moscow International film festivals appeared in a free dress accompanied by Dmitry Shepelev.

Mass media in the assumptions did not manage to be approved and to start talking about a fast wedding of the singer and famous TV host as Zhanna declared a gap with Shepelev and told to journalists that they with Dmitry just friends now. The reason of their parting called Shepelev's unwillingness to marry Frisk.

Dmitry Shepelev too commented on the gap with Frisk and admitted that all their novel was the purest water the public relations favorable to both. The singer should have returned former popularity, and the TV host hearings about the novel with Frisk maintained the image of the heartbreaker.

So it or not is not known, but in the singer's environment still speak about her pregnancy. Zhanna Friske wanted the child long ago and more than once said that for the sake of the kid is ready to offer career. Therefore the most probable cause of its withdrawal from the reality show "Vacation in Mexico" – the fast birth of the child.