How to choose an electric kettle?

How to choose an electric kettle?
Electric kettles and strongly fitted long ago into our life. Now not, probably, there is no family which would not have this reliable and unpretentious assistant. At modern abundance of various models of electric kettles, have to be a subject of attention not only technical parameters, but also, how it will look in an interior of your kitchen. How to choose an electric kettle? Let's consider in our article.

Electric kettles differ as electric heating elements. In one electric kettles is an electric spiral, in others it is a disk. The best according to the characteristics is the heating element in the form of a disk.

Its distinctive feature is considerably the big area of heating and safety at a small amount of water in an electric kettle.

If to take an electric kettle with a spiral element of heating, at a small amount of water in a teapot there is a danger that the spiral will not be completely closed by water. It can lead to a perekalivaniye of a spiral and the subsequent its burn-out.

And one more lack of such teapots difficulty on cleaning of a scum.