Than to paint eggs

Than to paint eggs
Than to paint eggs

Easter eggs differ from usual in the bright color. Traditional color of a shell – red as such it is mentioned in the church writing, but many hostesses use also other colors. In house conditions to paint eggs it is possible in various ways.

The preparation time of 25 minutes is required to you an onions peel; beet; diamond greens; potassium permanganate solution; coffee; turmeric. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "Than to Paint Eggs" How to paint eggs Than to paint eggs by Easter How to paint eggs by Easter


If there is a wish to receive saturated yellowy-brown color, take an onions peel. Thus use of red grades of onions gives to a shell a shade of the violet. A peel it will be required quite a lot as brightness of the received color depends on its quantity. Boil a peel in a pan with water then boil in this infusion of egg. To diversify appearance of the eggs painted in such a way it is possible by means of vegetable oil. If to rub with it a shell, it will become brilliant.

Red color can be received by means of beet. For this purpose boil eggs for Easter together with the beet peeled and well washed from the earth cut on slices. Cooking duration – 25-30 minutes.

Green colored eggs turn out by means of solution of diamond greens. Add brilliant green to water and stir before obtaining uniform color. Ship in egg water so that they were completely covered with liquid. In one couple of hours it is necessary to pull out eggs and to allow them to dry. A lack of a technique only that brilliant green is a little soiled.

On a similar way receive pink color, boiling eggs in solution of usual potassium permanganate. The solution is brighter, the more dense final color will turn out.

Eggs of golden color can be received, having boiled them in turmeric solution. On a small pan it will be required to steam of teaspoons of spice, but color will be not too intensive.

If to boil eggs in natural coffee, the shell will become brown.

Eggs with drawing turn out in case to wrap up their slices of fabric which fades. Rags on a shell fasten a thread or an elastic band. When cooking eggs during a quarter of hour on a shell multi-colored stains will turn out.