As it is necessary to dye hair

As it is necessary to dye hair

Today it is absolutely optional to go to salon to paint hair. In any supermarket it is possible to buy the painting means made especially for house application. But at all convenience of application of such means nevertheless it is necessary to follow certain rules of their use.

It is required to you

- hair-dye;
- old towel;
- gloves;
- crest;
- glass or ceramic capacity for paint;
- brush.

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If your hair do not shine with ideal health or were exposed to earlier chemical wave, coloring, for few weeks before procedure treat them serums, folk remedies, balms and medical shampoos. It is better to shear split ends, hair, dry and fragile after "chemistry".

Do not wash the head before coloring at least days. The secret allocated by head skin will protect your head of hear during procedure.

Having got means for coloring, surely make the test for sensitivity and absence of an allergy. It is necessary to do it one days prior to procedure, having put a little funds for thin sensitive skin behind an ear or on an elbow bend. In a day estimate result.

If there is no allergy, prepare structure for coloring, using for this purpose ceramic or glasswares. Carefully vent all components of means to homogeneous mass and at once begin use. Ready means is not subject to storage.

Throw with a towel or an oilcloth shoulders not to paint at the same time and clothes. Put on plastic or latex gloves that then you had not to wash some days from hand paint. Nestle in front of the mirror.

Use a brush for drawing means and a careful prokrashivaniye of separate locks. Paint at first one party of the head, then another. And it is necessary to begin drawing structure with occipital area. For convenience of drawing on a nape use the help of the girlfriend or put behind yourself one more mirror. The direction of coloring of each lock – from a root to a tip.

Maintain the coloring time specified on packing of means. There are different types of hair-dyes - innovative mousses which need to be applied only for 10 minutes, ottenochny balms and shampoos - 10-30 minutes, resistant paints - from 30 to 50 minutes, the sparing semi-resistant dyes - 20-30 minutes, vegetable - henna and a basma which need to be maintained on hair till 3 o'clock.

If you need "to update" the grown roots (that is if hair were exposed to coloring procedure earlier), act differently. Apply paint only on roots of hair, leave for 20 minutes. Then distribute the remained paint on all length then comb a head of hear a crest that means was evenly distributed. Also leave for about 10 minutes.

After it's done, go under a shower. Moisten the head, shake up-make foam means on hair, and then wash away a large amount of warm water. Finally use balm which is most often applied to each pack of paint. It not only will consolidate result, but also levels adverse effects of coloring.