Whether it is possible to eat women's shorts?

Whether it is possible to eat women's shorts?
As it is known the linen happens cotton or silk or linen but to do underwear of a candy dragee it is necessary to have the non-standard imagination. The so-called linen from candies is the most favourite gift in England and demand does not think to decrease.

As it always happens, all big began with a trifle. To someone from leisure inventors took in head to make a beautiful beads of dragees which would be possible to be carried on evening receptions and at the same time will regale on them. But human mind never does not stand still and someone from employees of the company suggested to make women's confectionery shorts.

The new hit began to be in such demand that the complete set of linen was necessary to start the companies quickly: a brassiere together with shorts. It is considered that demand for linen from candies is provided with nostalgic memoirs of British as on candies of which the candy linen is made, the whole generation of British is brought up.

But the most interesting that candy linen not the first invention of the British sweet teeth. A few years ago in shops of England brassieres from chocolate which were realized at the price about hundred pounds sterling for one feature started being on sale. However the price did not confuse prudish English ladies, brassieres were swept instantly, the inventor did not manage to make everything new sets of sweet linen.

For reference use: one brassiere – two kilograms of refractory chocolate, about three weeks of work.