How to check a gas meter

How to check a gas meter

Checking and repair of metering devices of gas hold specialized services which have all necessary equipment for carrying out such works and the license. Meter readings which did not pass checking, are considered as the invalid.

It is required to you

- the passport on a gas meter
- magnifying glass
- technical documentation

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Specify in gas service which serves your housing construction, frequency of obligatory checking of metering devices. As a rule, for rotor models of counters of gas it is carried out once in five years, for membrane analogs is more rare – each eight years.


Look at date of the last checking of the counter of gas. It has to be specified in the passport the metering device. Year and quarter can be determined and by a brand on a seal, using a magnifying glass. In case the term which is taken away for this purpose expires, a uvedomta gas service about need of carrying out checking of the metering device. It is necessary as only representatives of authorized bodies can open a seal. In case checking is initiated by regional gas supplying divisions, they have to notify on it the subscriber in writing in a week.


After you placed the order in regional branch of a gorgaz or received the corresponding notice from this department, his employees have to open a seal from the metering device, dismantle the counter and draw up the statement. The metering device is transferred to the consumer for carrying out checking. The subscriber pays procedure of checking and repair (if there is such need) independently.


Provide the act issued by the metrological service which was carrying out checking in gas service. Within two days after providing the document her representatives have to establish a gas meter on a place and seal up it. Services in dismantle and installation of metering devices are carried out at the expense of the state, i.e. are provided to subscribers free of charge.