That is necessary for occupations by swimming

That is necessary for occupations by swimming

Swimming perfectly strengthens health, improves a shape of a body, removes a stress and helps to relax. Besides, regular trainings stimulate with swimming work of a brain and develop all groups of muscles. However before going to the pool or an open reservoir, solve, what aims you pursue – want to relax, learn to float, improve a figure etc. It will help you to pick up a view of the pool and the special program of occupations.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "That Is Necessary for Occupations by Swimming" That is necessary for scuba diving How to choose the Fischer skis How to determine the size of skates For visit of the pool it is necessary to take the reference from the therapist on absence of infectious diseases and contraindications for swimming. And, of course, not to forget the recommended standard set:

- jumpsuit;
- bedroom-slippers;
- points for swimming;
- bathing suit;
- towel;
- soap;
- bast.

Sometimes medical references give out directly in sport center if there is the doctor. But it can also be issued at the district doctor. Avoid pools where do not demand the medical certificate from you: you never know what infection can be picked up there.

Choose a bathing suit or swimming trunks convenient, it is better to give preference to a conjoint bathing suit: it not so slips as separate, and is suitable for swimming more.

Points protect eyes from effect of the chlorinated water because of which there is a reddening and irritation. Before purchase try on them: they have to adjoin hermetically to the person and not pass water.

The hat for swimming is recommended for owners of long hair, it allows to float more conveniently and protects from blotting.

Except soap, a towel, bedroom-slippers and other things, it is possible to take with itself also the hair dryer though usually it is in a pool locker room.

From the general requirements to hygiene it is worth mentioning that in the pool it is not recommended to go barefoot not to catch a fungus of feet. For prevention of this widespread and unpleasant disease grease feet with antifungal cream.

Before visit of the pool take a warm shower and be carefully washed up with soap or other clearing means. Besides the hygienic purposes, souls will replace easy warm-up before swimming and blood circulation becomes more active.

If you want to achieve essential results, occupations by swimming have to be regular - at least three times a week. It is recommended to float without stopping for 40 minutes with the maximum speed. A desirable distance of a heat - not less than one thousand meters. Each hundred meters try to change style of swimming: each of them gives the load of muscles.

The best time for visit of the pool is considered the period between16 and 19 o'clock. The diet needs to be arranged under occupations by swimming, it is possible to eat easy food in two hours prior to occupation, it is recommended to float next the heart, after training it is possible to eat a few fruit or to drink yogurt.

Before starting independent occupations, take some lessons from the instructor. He will explain to you as it is necessary to hold the head to breathe, will correct your errors in technology of swimming etc.