How to develop round

How to develop round

How to make the holiday unforgettable, interesting and budgetary? The answer is simple – to plan travel. It is considered that it is simpler and more reliable to address to travel agency, to pay money and not to think of anything. However practice shows that the bought round – not a guarantee. Besides, you will be limited in a choice of hotels, in opportunity to dispose of the time, not can refuse round without loss of money, at last, you should overpay for services of the travel agent. For the organization of independent rest you need time, it is a lot of patience and a little money.

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Choose the country of rest. If you have a cherished dream, follow it. If is not present, be guided by on what direction it will be possible to find budget proposals under tickets and accommodation.


Get air tickets. All airlines of the world have seasonal actions and discount tariffs, and also special offers on certain directions. Ticket cost on the stock (on one adult there and back) usually does not exceed 100 Euros. For searches it is possible to use both the sites of airlines, and searchers like It is possible to pay tickets, as a rule, directly on the site by means of a credit card.
Besides, it is possible to use services of "low-costers" (complete lists - on the site


Choose hotel. The most popular site of booking -
www Choosing hotel, look first of all at a site. If your purpose – a sightseeing, choose hotel with smaller stardom, but is closer to the center. For comfortable rest, for example, in Europe the hotel of level 3* quite will be enough. It is also possible to be guided by small family hotels or apartments – they are, as a rule, cheaper.


Issue the health insurance. It is very simple - come into any office of insurance company with the original of the international passport. For obtaining the Schengen visa you need to buy the policy of medical insurance valid throughout all time of stay in the countries of the Schengen agreement and having the minimum covering of 30 000 Euros.


Receive the visa. The receipt of a visa, as a rule, requires the following package of documents:
- the original of the international passport (period of validity of the passport has to be not less than 6 months before the alleged termination of your trip)
- one completed questionnaire
- 2 photos
- the copy of the Russian passport (the page with personal information)
- copy of the first page of the international passport
- insurance policy;
- booking confirmation of hotel (not always)
- payment confirmation of tickets (there and back)
- confirmation of a financial solvency (an extract from the bank account about balance on the account)
- confirmation of your readiness to return to the Russian Federation (the reference from work).