How to solder brass

How to solder brass

The many people are used for brass soldering by an ordinary soldering iron and tin solder, however this way has three powerful shortcomings: quite noticeable seam which besides also rather weak, tin when blackening can behave not as brass at all, and then the seam will turn out other color. Use a method of the soldering of brass with application of a gas torch, special solder and gumboil.

It is required to you

- gas torch;
- silver;
- copper;
- asbestine basis;
- graphite crucible;
- drill;
- boric acid.

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For a start make solder. It has to consist of 2 parts of silver (it is possible to use silver spoons) and 1 part of copper. Alloy both threw by means of a gas torch, for this purpose take necessary amount of both metals, place them in a crucible from graphite and warm up all this a torch. After metals melt, prevent their steel wire. Solder is ready. Now cool it, flatten out on an anvil and cut on small slices.


Take the drill in powder (grams 20) and boric acid (too powder, about 20 grams). Mix mix, fill in with one glass of water and boil in order that all this was better dissolved. Gumboil is ready. Be not afraid, boric acid will not do harm to neither your hands, nor tools.


Now start directly the soldering. Solder on heat-resistant subjects, for example, the asbestine plate will approach. Put on it details for accustoming to drinking, moisten them with gumboil, slightly powder with shaving of solder and begin gradual heating, at first solder will grab details, and then heat until red (about 700 degrees). Here the main thing not to allow an overheat as the difference of melting of solder and brass details makes only 50 degrees. Also remember that fine details melt quicker, than larger therefore heat slowly that the large detail got warm, and small did not melt.


The last stage of removal from a product of the remains of gumboil. For this purpose simply wash out a product in hot 3% solution of sulfuric acid. Simply tie something to a product that will not interact with acid, lower a product in acid for some minutes, then wash out by means of flowing water.

Pay attention that at this method of melting to use the soldering iron will not turn out as temperature of melting of solder makes 700 degrees, and the soldering iron gives only 200-250.