How to make a toilet

How to make a toilet

The first problem rising before the lucky who got giving is the organization of a toilet. The present article will help you quickly and cheap to build a practical country toilet.

It is required to you

- tools on a tree
- screw-driver or screw gun
- hammer
- nails and self-tapping screws
- slate for a roof

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The first and the main thing - creation of a cesspool. It is better to do a hole as it is possible more deeply, otherwise it is necessary to deal with the cesspool car which is taking out yours "results of activity" often. Digging of a cesspool demands an individual approach and strongly depends on soil type.


Collect a framework of future toilet for what the bar with a section of 100х100 mm best of all will be suitable. The toilet sizes, besides, are defined individually (especially as many combine toilets with, for example, shed for storage of tools), 150х100 cm usually are enough with a height of 200-220 cm.


Having collected a framework, it is worth checking, how exactly it turned out, to measure corners and diagonals.


At height approximately of a half a meter from the floor level (besides, is defined individually) strengthen on a framework bearing future seat (it is possible to use a bar of 50х50 mm.).


Cut off the sheet of plywood or a chipboard under the size of future seat, cut out in it a toilet seat opening. It is possible to use and usual boards, having sheathed them then, for example, linoleum or a hardboard.


It is possible to sheathe a toilet the same plywood or a hardboard, outside from within - to taste, for example, scraps of timber or, for a bigger esthetics, lining. The roof can be made of sheet slate or iron.