How to prepare a bananas and ice cream dessert?

How to prepare a bananas and ice cream dessert?
If only bananas and a pack of ice cream are available, it is possible to prepare surprisingly beautiful and tasty dessert. Here is how to prepare this dessert.

Let's take bananas (it is possible also one), ice cream, a slice black (it is possible dairy) chocolates and if is - whipped cream (ready). If they are not present in the refrigerator, but there is a sour cream, it will be possible to use sour cream.
So, we prepare a banana dessert.
Peels bananas of a peel. We cut them on any slices. In this option (on a photo) bananas are cut and laid out in the form of the boat.
Now we will put to burn our small slice of chocolate on a water bath. By the way, chocolate can be put simply in a cup in the microwave oven, it will perfectly be kindled there.
Now on slices of bananas we spread intricate figures from ice cream, we spread a tablespoon.
Ice cream has to be strongly cooled that quickly did not thaw.
From above we apply with the kindled chocolate setochka both on the bananas cut and on ice cream. The thin stream will not heat ice cream. Chocolate quickly stiffens.
Here the dessert is also ready. And if at you is also cream, decorate a dish with cream. It is possible to shake up couple of spoons of sour cream with sugar and to decorate a dish.