How to be indifferent

How to be indifferent

Women were always distinguished by the increased emotionality and sentimentality. All of us take very much to heart, we think out the future difficulties moreover and we worry in their occasion, considerably exaggerating the sizes of these troubles. Then, when it becomes clear that we in vain panicked, and anything terrible did not occur, in soul there is a feeling of emptiness and bewilderment. To be indifferent to spend less forces for any trifles, you should learn to constrain the sincere rushes.

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Define for yourself life priorities which are really important for you. This, first of all, own wellbeing and health, family, friends. This, and all that is connected with them, has to be for you the main thing, for them it is possible and it is necessary not to feel sorry for neither forces, nor time. Your work and your hobbies too belong here, but they should not stir your private life and cover or substitute it.


Learn to assess soberly any situation and never to panic and not to exaggerate potential danger. It is not for nothing said that from any deadlock always there is an exit. There is no money – will earn, ached – will recover, something is impossible – learn and will make, a work involving all hands at work – will strain and all will be in time. Do not spend time for words and lamentations – simply silently act.


Indifference is some kind of psychological protective barrier which is under construction at the subconscious level. Push out from the sphere of the consciousness all troubles, especially what you to yourself think out. Use the rational thinking – if there is a problem, it is necessary to consider it and to find ways of its permission.


According to the legend, the wise tsar Solomon carried on a finger a ring with an inscription "Everything passes", adopt to yourself this motto. If understanding of this fact at some point does not help you, remove a nervous and emotional stress respiratory gymnastics and a relaxation. It is also fine prevention of stresses.


It is necessary to understand that if you have a soul, you will never become callous; if you are emotional and vulnerable – will not become also indifferent. Such suppression own "I" is capable to make any woman the hysteric woman angered for the whole world. You need to control simply the emotions, and is dosed to spend the sincere forces.