How to constrain tears

How to constrain tears

Tears - an excellent way to remove internal stress, to give vent to negative emotions, and in many cases to cry happens very much even it is useful. But there are situations when to show the weakness, vulnerability or agitation – means to lose. How to constrain tears if it is impossible to burst into tears, but there is a strong wish?

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The first that it is necessary to make is to try to calm down and to distract a little. Make 10-15 slow deep breaths, having concentrated whenever possible on breath process. Sometimes it it appears enough not to burst into tears.


Try "to switch" attention. For example, remember that is written at you in the passport – on all its pages (a surname-name-middle name, date of issue, the registration address and so on), count buttons on clothes at the interlocutor or a strip on a carpet, repeat the multiplication table on seven.


The most frequent reason for "dewey-eyed" are strong, uncontrollable emotions. And one of ways to keep itself from tears is "to switch" from sincere sufferings to the physical. To chop off to itself an ear as Van Gogh, of course, superfluous – rather strongly to pinch itself or to bite for language or lips. It is quite effective way to constrain tears and to bring themselves round.


If the reason of tears – offense on the specific person, try to redirect mentally emotions which you test, from yourself for him. For example, if the chief bawled you undeserved out – do not feel sorry for yourself. Become angry on it better … or find, for what to regret it (and nerves at it on anything are no good, both a climax soon, and a hairstyle unsuccessful). And can mentally laugh over the offender – to dress in a clownish suit, to turn into a crow or a frog … Anything – if only the feeling disappeared that this person poses threat to you personally.


Not to burst into tears at once after conversation, drink a half-glass of water or not hot tea (slowly, small drinks), and at the first opportunity wash cool water or at least wipe a face a damp napkin. And immediately distract on any business which is not connected directly by that nearly forced you to burst into tears is will help you to consolidate the received result.