How to prepare hypertensive solution

How to prepare hypertensive solution

Hypertensive solution of sodium of chloride can be applied outwardly in the form of applications, to inhalations at a mukovistsidoza and intravenously to diuresis strengthening. In the form of local compresses solution promotes pus removal, and its antimicrobic activity helps to cure quickly even deep wounds. Solution for intravenous administration and inhalations has to be sterile therefore it is better to buy it in a drugstore, and here means for applications and rinsing can be prepared houses independently.

It is required to you

- salt;
- water.

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Hypertensive solution can be 2-10%. Depending on for what it is planned to use this means, concentration of salt will be various. As the technology of preparation of solution is quite simple, and for treatment it is better to use freshly cooked liquid, do not try to stock up with medicine for the future. Independently prepared solution is not subject to storage.


Rinsing of a throat at laryngitis and quinsy requires not really concentrated solution. Dissolve 2 grams of salt in 100 ml of warm water, carefully mix liquid so that in it remained the dissolved salt crystals.


At poisonings it is necessary for washing of a stomach about a liter of hypertensive solution therefore salt will be required in number of 30 grams. Fill it in liter of hot boiled water and mix before full dissolution. Before application it is necessary to cool solution to 37 degrees.


If the patient does not need a cleaning enema, but intestines need to be emptied (for example, in the postnatal or postoperative period), it is necessary to prepare 5% hypertensive solution. Procedure will require only 100-200 ml of liquid depending on age and the patient's weight. 100 ml of hot water are added to 5 grams of salt, solution mixes carefully up and cooled to 37-38 degrees.


Hypertensive solution is necessary for treatment of purulent wounds 10%. The concentration of salt is higher, the worse it is dissolved, and hit of crystals of salt on an open wound is inadmissible. Therefore the technology of preparation of solution will differ a little from the above described.

Fill 10 grams of salt in a volumetric glass and fill in it with water to a mark of 100 ml. Pour liquid in a pan and slowly bring to boiling. This procedure will allow salt to be dissolved till the end and will disinfect solution therefore its application will be safe. But before use liquid needs to be cooled to room temperature.