How to check beaten pixels of the monitor

How to check beaten pixels of the monitor

The majority of modern TVs, computer monitors and cameras are made on the basis of matrix screens. They consist of a huge number of identical cells which carry the name of pixels. On these cells the exit of a digital signal which changes in the concrete color image is also carried out.

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Question essence

The beaten, or damaged pixels, – the designation of defect of any electronic and digital device accepted in common people which reproduces the image and is designed on the basis of a pixel matrix. This defect looks as a static, steady-state condition of an output signal at the same time on one, two or more pixels. In other words, as total absence of a luminescence on a certain site.

To check beaten pixels of the monitor absolutely simply!

The ISO 13406-2 standard standard around the world regulates four classes of quality of computer monitors by limit number of beaten pixels. The firms which are engaged in sale of monitors also define the certain limit in most cases corresponding any of four classes. Computer monitors which matrix contains the number of beaten pixels exceeding standards, belong to the rejected.

To check beaten pixels of the monitor, it is necessary to examine attentively its image. Thus it is possible to try to change continuous black filling for any other shades. If you are able to distinguish some "points" of color, different from filling, so in a matrix of this monitor there are beaten pixels.

To check beaten pixels of the TV, special knowledge is not necessary

TVs with big plasma and LCD screens entered our life for a long time. But, unfortunately, they can also have defective pixels in the matrix. To check beaten pixels of the TV, it is possible to use special diagnostic programs. They analyze its matrix and report to the owner of the TV about the available defects.

If to resort to the help of computer programs you have no opportunity, there is only one option. You need to examine carefully all area of the screen, attentively peering at each its square centimeter. It will be easier to reveal defects if along with it you begin to change channels of transfers and to watch changes of color scale of the screen. Beaten pixels will look as the black, not changing the color points.