How to open firm in Kazakhstan

How to open firm in Kazakhstan

Even if you have no Kazakh nationality, you will be able to open firm in this country regularly, provided for registration of legal entities. However registration of SP will require at least residence permit in Kazakhstan.

It is required to you

- money for authorized capital.

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Decide on location of the legal entity, prepare authorized capital for limited liability partnership, specify codes of types of economic activity, think up the name for firm.

Prepare a package of constituent documents in the Russian and Kazakh languages (everyone has to be in triplicate). You can receive forms for documents in the territorial authority of justice located in a place of your temporary stay. Make the statement for the state registration of legal entity in which specify:
- name of firm;
- legal address;
- structure and number of founders;
- country code;
- codes of types of economic activity;
- size of authorized capital;
- an approximate number of people which will work in the company.

Process all constituent documents according to requirements. If you and other founders of firm decided to carry out the activity on the basis of the standard contract, the constituent charter is not required to you. If you the only founder, is not required to you also the contract.

Open the account and bring into it an authorized headband. Pay the state duty. Give all package of documents (including apostilles of the documents proving the identity and the lease contract of the room) to territorial authority of justice. Registration will be carried out within 3 days.

Receive in justice:
- certificate on the state registration of legal entity;
- certificate BIN.

If you are going to open SP in Kazakhstan, you for this purpose will need residence permit in this country or continuous registration. Present to judicial authorities of an INN, an extract from the house register, the photo 3,5? 4,5. Make the statement where, besides personal data and the address of SP, specify also the list of kinds of activity. Receive within 3 days from the moment of submission of documents the certificate on the state registration.